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OCTOBER 12 – 19, 2013

A small quaint Magic Island get away.
Magic Island is located on the island of Cebu in the Philippines. Since this resort is small; 10 bungalows, the staff gives you unsurpassable service. Magic Island offers fantastic macro photography of hundreds of small critters to seek out. The dive masters are wonderful in bringing those critters to life for you to see.

Critters such as the Mandarin fish, cuttle fish, sea dragon, leaf fish, ghost pipe fish, frog fish, standard and floating sea horses, orangutan crab, blue ringed Octopus, lizard fish, bat fish, puffer fish, file fish, shrimp, crinoids, nudibranchs, trumpet fish.

They have 3 traditional Bangka boats that are used for diving which were all built right there in Moalboal. The dive sites are close and no more than 20 minutes from the resort to the dive site. There are three dives offered daily on the boats. There is a night dive offered each night as well from the boat.  Therefore; you are able to have 4 boat dives a day. First dive 9:00am, second dive 11:30am, third dive 3:00pm, night dive at 6:30pm.

Once the divers are in the water; the boat will move to the pick up point. While waiting for the divers to arrive; the boatmen free dive around and show the divers special critters when you are doing your safety stop.

The opportunity for you to do shore diving on the house reef is a matter of stepping right off where the dive center is located into the ocean. You can do day or night dives on the house reef.

All divers must dive with a computer because of all the boat diving and shore diving available. Nitrox is avalible for the divers that are trained for its use so it is very important to monitor your Nitrogen and or Oxygen load.

They have a computer with card readers, USB, DVD-CD writer available for digital photography.

There is more to explore above the water line. Kawasan Water , Falls, Tison Water Falls, trekking at Osmena Peak, mountain biking, a visit to the Moalboal Market, dirt bike riding, canyoning.


We leave Sacramento on October 10
We arrive in Sacramento on October 20


7 nights bungalow accommodations based on double occupancy
3 traditional or European style meals a day
5 days of diving
Up to 4 boat dives each day one of which can be a night dive
Unlimited shore diving on House Reef day or night
Round trip airfare from Sacramento,
LAX, Cebu Philippines
Round trip transfer from Cebu airport to resort

All of this for only

$2610.00 per person dbl occupancy

Cash payment $2525.00

$2310.00 Per person non diver

Cash payment $2225.00


Downpayment of $ 500.00 required.
All payments must be by check or cash. Sorry we cannot accept credit cards. Monthly payments will be accepted.
Final payment must be made no later than August 1, 2013
Nitrox is available at extra cost of $69.00 for 15 nitrox cylinders to be purchased at resort.
Philippines departure fee $13.00.
Marine Park Fee $2.00.
All air transportation is subject to Southwest Airlines and Korean Airlines; therefore rates are not guaranteed. Rates are subject to change and may vary beyond our control; such as government taxes or surcharges for airline fuel increases.